Okay, for the past 15 years or so. Hot Wheels had the Treasure Hunts have green strips indicating that it is a Treasure Hunts. Well, now the green strip is gone for Treasure Hunts, meaning that it is being used for the imagination. They are becoming Secret Treasure Hunts like last year. But with a little twist. There is a basic Treasure Hunts and a Super Treasure Hunt. The Basic will have this flame symbol somewhere on the car.

The Super Treasure Hunts will have this symbol on the card behind the car, but still visible and will say "This symbol indicates that this car is hard to find and highly collectable" And of course the rubber wheels. The Bread Box car is so big that you cannot see the words or symbol on the car. Youtube 2013 Hot Wheels Info and click on the one by racegrooves and you will see what I mean. I give all credit to him. Here is the Torino.

More To Come
2012 Treasure Hunts as we all know have the green strip to indicate it is a Treasure Hunt like this 1969 Chevelle 396 Treasure Hunt. But, there have been some Treasure Hunts that look like the basic Hot Wheels. These Basic Treasure Hunts are call SUPER Treasure Hunts because they blend in. Check it out! How you know is by the rubber wheels and the TH on the car indictating that it is a Treasure Hunt. Now there are basic Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts. The Basic ones look like your basic Hot Wheels car. While the Super Treasure Hunts look a little more different with cooler paint job and suped up rubber wheels. These are the cars that you are going to be wanting to look for. Here is a couple of examples: This 1969 Orange Dodge Coronet Super Bee Regular car. And here is the Super Sceret Treasure Hunt One! Notice the darker paint job and the rubber wheels, and most importantly the TH behind the front wheel. Hello! Treasure Hunt! With 2012 coming to a close. I am excited to see what Hot Wheels comes up for 2013.

Now Check this out! You got your basic Honda S2000......
And then you got your Super Secret Treasure Hunt! Look at that darker color! WOW! And that TH Symbol Also Known As Treasure Hunt. And I like those are rubber wheels.
Here is the Basic Ferrari 599XX
Here is your Super Tresure Hunt Ferrari 599 XX. Notice the color, rubber wheels and the White TH Bellow the Ferrari logo behind the front wheel? This indiactes that this is a Treasure Hunt. Sorry that it is hard to see. The basic above is not, but still a very cool car in my book.
Now here is something interesting. The Super Treasure Hunt Ferrari 599XX comes in the small package. Same decals and everything. I wonder why that is. But still very cool. Again, feel free to check out my buddy's videos on youtube. He is called racegrooves. He does an amazing job of telling us this very important information.


    I have been a Hot Wheels Collector know for about 10 Years and I am loving every bit of it. My dream some day is to open my very own Hot Wheels Collector Store. Or if I was to dream big, I would dream to be the ceo of Hot Wheels.


    November 2012