In this blog, I will so you all the treasure hunts ever made. Feel free to comment if I forget one. I will be starting with the 2013. Super Treasure Hunts have started in 1995 and have slowy been added until 2007, where every Treasure Hunt had a twin, a Super Treasure Hunt, meaning better color, rubber wheels, more rare, and more vauble. I give most of my credit to

If anybody has any Treasure Hunts and would like to sell them to me, I will glady buy them. Please comment below the blog.

The First for 2013 is the HWPS Bread Box a part of the HW CITY. You can see the blue flame Treasure Hunt symbol right on the truck.
You can easily see the symbol for this 2013 Carbonator Treasure Hunt on the car and on the card.
Here is something interesting. You have the 2013 Treasure Hunt Camaro SS on the right with the Treasure Hunt Symbol, but then you have a 2013 Hot Wheels car on the left that appears to be a Super Treasure Hunt with the color and what not. But instead of the symbol, there is last years TH Symbol. Maybe this will make it even harder once people know about it. Super Treasure Hunts also have rubber tires. Car on left is from HW SHOWROOM. And 2010 Camaro SS on right is from HW CITY.
Now on to the Super Treasure Hunts. The Last ones were the Basic ones, except for the Falcon XB. Hot Wheels hasn't realeased all of them yet because the 2013 season is just starting. More soon to come. Now these Super Treasure Hunts will not have the symbol on the car, instead behind the car. This Ford Torino shows that, hidden, but it is still visible. See right there throught the window?  And below the car, it will say, "This symbol lets you know that this car is hard to find and highly collectable.
Here are the words:
Now here is the Super and Regular Torino. Super is on top and regular is on bottom. You're still gonna want both!
Now here is the 2013 '09 Corvette Regular and Super. I can't find the symbol but I will keep looking. Notice the paint job!
Here is the Super Treasure Hunt 2010 Shelby GT500 SUPERSNAKE. I haven't found the basic one yet. Notice the paint job, wheels, and tires.The symbol is on the left quater panel against the card.  These are Treasure Hunts, I just don't have the cars in my possesion to look at. Just Google, and eBay. I found these are Treasure Hunts at
You can find full list of every Hot Wheels car at that website. This is how I know. So when they get new info, I will add it also so stay tuned. Okay, on to the car!
For this Treasure Hunt, it is in the Racing Series. It is called the Fast Fish. I really like this one. You can clearly see the Black Flame Logo right there behind the front wheel. This car was also in the mystery foil packages with a wicked green color.
Ok, so my website got off to a rocky start. But since the 2013 year is almost over, I am just going to list the rest of the 2013 Regular Treasure Hunts first. And then I will continue with 2013 Super Treasure Hunts. That way it is less confusing for you guess, and easier for me. So the next Treasure Hunt here is the Circle Trucker. This is one of my favorites. You will notice the white circle flame logo in front of the rear wheel, behind the #3.

This is a special Treasure Hunt. This is the one that was available at K-Day. K-Day is an event where if you are lucky enough, be able to open a sealed case that contains a Treasure Hunt and maybe even a Super Trea$ure Hunt! This K-Day Treasure Hunt was the '64 Lincoln Continental Convertible Treasure.

Remember! My goal is to help you guys find these awesome Treasure Hunts. So if you know of any Treasure Hunts that I don't know about, from ANY year. Please leave me a comment. Thanks!

If you would like to learn more, please visit this youtube video: He has lots of info, and many videos:

I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO! This is a Racegrooves production presented by Racegrooves. Here is his link to his youtube channel:
The 2012 Hot Wheels Season has Treasure Hunts and Super Secret Treasure Hunts. And I also think it was the first here for Super Secert Treasure Hunts. Meaning it had a TH Symbol and/or the words Treasure Hunt on the auctual car, but know green stripe. It basically looks like a suped up regular Hot Wheels Car! I will get into those after the Treasure Hunts, and with the green stripe. There are 15 Regular Treasure Hunts, and 15 Super Secret Treasure Hunts. And without no further ado, here they are:
This is the first Treasure Hunts for 2012, the '41 Willys! Now what I like about this one is the color and the fact that is says Treasure Hunt and TH! Very Cool Piece! Collector # 51/247
Here you have the Ducati 1098. I normally don't like motorcycles, but since this one is a Treasure Hunts, I love it! Notice how it says the motorcycles name Ducati 1098 on the Motorcycle. Very Cool! Collector # 52/247
This one is one of my favorites. I personally have this one. This is the '69 Chevelle SS 396. I like it because of the paint job. Notice that it says, both T-Hunt and TH. Very Cool! Collector # 53/247
I normally don't like cars like this Ford GT, but again, it is a Treasure Hunt. Notice the TH, and it says Ford GT behind the front wheel. Very Cool! Collector # 54/247
Another one of my favorites is this stunning '69 Corvette. Ntice the siginature above the 62. I wonder whose siginature that is? Also, notice the TH to the right of the 62. Very Cool! Collector # 55/247
I also typically don't like race cars like this, but once again, it is a Treasure Hunt. Notice GoodYear is on this car, the Tyrrell P34. Notice the TH if front of he wheels. Now, not all Treasure Hunts will have the TH, but a majority of them will. Very Cool! Collector # 56/247
Another awesome looking car, the '67 Custom Mustang. I like the metallic Paint Job on it, and the blue wheel rings. Notice the TH below the Hot Wheels symbol on the right rear quater panel. Very Cool! Collector # 57/247
Yet another one of my favorites, the '52 Chevy. I tend to like the older, and more realistic cars. This is an awesome paint job, with the purple, gold, black, and the black wheels. Notice the tiny TH behind the rear wheel.
Fast and new cars arne't my favorite, but Treasure Hunts are! Notice this one only has the Ferrari symbol, but not the acutal TH? It still is a Treasure Hunt, because of the green stripe. Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Very Cool! Collector # 59/247
SWEET!!! Finally a '65 Chevy Mallibu Treasure Hunt! Awesome! And cool paint job too! Thanks Hot Wheels! Notice no TH, Thank You! Very Cool! Collector # 60/247
This one is a Super Car, but it's got my attention will the flashy paint job and green stripe. Notice no TH, also. Ford Shelby GT-1 Concept. Very Cool! Collector # 61/247
I love me some cars that looks like a truck like this stunning '65 Ford Ranchero. Notice no TH again, Thank You! Very Cool! Collector # 62/247
This one is a Treasure Hunt? Sure is. This Surf Crate is pretty cool. Notice no TH once again. Very Cool! Collector # 63/247
2 to go, but still 17 years to go! This is an awesome '92 Ford Mustang. Hot Wheels finally put the TH Logo back on after not have it on the past 5 cars. Very Cool! Collector number 64/247
Last one! This is a '70 Chevy Chevelle Convertible, my by far favorite car. Notice the TH behind the front wheel. It blends right in and is hardly noticeable. Nice Orange Wheel Rings. Notice the back wheels are bigger than the front ones, Nice! Very Cool! Collector # 65/247
I will continue on here with the 2012 Super Treasure Hunts. I will have to wait for the 2013 Treasure Hunts to be posted on my website because it isn't posting my posts. But on to the Super Treasure Hunts! The first 2012 Super Treasure Hunt is the '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee. This is the only super from 2012 that I have, because at the time, people didn't know that the supers weren't going to have the green stripe anymore. I like it how the card art stayed the same as the regular one to let people know that something was up. The spectraflame orange is cool on this car. The TH symbol is right behind the front tire. This has to be my favorite super for 2012.

The next Super Treasure Hunt for 2012 was the '67 Chevelle SS 396 in a Super red paint job. The wheels are cool, and it is nice how they have the TH on the front fender, and Treasure Hunt on the rear fender. Awesome!

The next one up is a '70 Camaro Road Race. This one has a cool color, along with Champion Track Tested logo across the side. The TH is on the back fender. This one reminds me of the new 2013 '67 Camaro Super Treasure Hunt with the Summit Racing Logo.

Up to bat next is a sweet purple ride. A '73 Ford Falcon XB. It is a right hand drive. Comes factory installed with red line tires. The TH is located on the rear fender.

This one is my least favorite. It has red line tires though. The '67 Ford Mustang Coupe. It has the original 396 engine, as stated on the front fender. The TH is located, you guessed it, on the back fender. 

This is one sick '71 Dodge Challenger! The paint scheme is wicked. Even the regular car looks cool. It sports Red line tires. The TH is in a different spot this time, behind the front tire and in front of the door.Wicked!

Now this one looks so similar the regular, that you have to take a closer look at it. This car also looks like it has donuts for tires. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for the all new '71 Maverick Grabber Super Treasure Hunt. This is one sweet ride. It has what looks like off road Red line racing tires. The TH is in the same place as the '71 Dodge Challenger, between the front tire and the door.

The next one looks like it could be an actual car.  The '66 Ford 427 Fairlane. I am guessing that it has a 427 engine. Just sarcastic guessing. The wheels look sweet, and the color is just fantastic. The TH is located in the middle of the black stripe, on the trunk.

Now this one is for sure one of my favorites. The Super looks so much better than the regular. The Honda S2000 has such a good color. I would really like to own this one. The tiny TH is located above the #12 in the red, behind the front tire and in front of the door.

This '69 Camaro looks killer! It is a black convertible with a red interior, and Red Line Tires. Some people like Racegrooves and others have been reporting that the back seat of the interior isn't in all the way. It kinda sits above the car, not attached. Great model over all. The TH is located on the trunk as well, between the two red stripes.

This one is also hard to see the difference between the super and the regular. The Volkswagen Beetle is also one of my favorites. The big motor is cool. The TH is located on top of the Beetle. It is the same colors of the flames.

This one is my absolute favorite. Hot Wheels did an excellent job on this one. The wheels are sweet. The Ferrari 599XX is an excellent pick for a Super Treasure Hunt. The small TH is located behind the front wheel. Awesome!

Next in line is the really sweet looking '70 Chevelle SS Wagon. The color is sweet. The Fire Chief would look amazing driving around in this #68 Wagon. The TH is located on the back fender.

This drift car is yet another one of my favorites. A drift car with Red Line Tires? Why not! It looks amazing. This decked out '09 Ford Focus RS is sporting a fancy spoiler. The TH is located below the Ford emblem, and behind the #3. Awesome!

And the last one for the year, is my 5th favorite which is the Aurora Fire Department #99 '11 Dodge Charger R/T. The TH is located above the front tire on the front fender. Stayed tuned for the 2011 Regular and Super Treasure Hunts.

Again, if anyone would like to sell me any Hot Wheels, for any year. Please Comment Below. And don't forget to like us on Facebook! @
12/16/2012 1:24pm

Hi i have a few extra 12 n 13 treasure hunts if ur interested

03/18/2013 2:32pm

im interested in the 2013 treasure hunts but wont pay rip off rates that these dealers charge for their cars. knowing they pay 1.00 for them, then rip people off by overcharging for them at flea markets. saying their worth more than they are. if you have extra im interested!

06/29/2013 10:11pm

Can I have all them

12/16/2012 4:26pm

Yes I am. Send me the names and your prices. And if you have Facebook, send me a personal message, if you can with your email adress. Thanks a ton!!!

Andy S.
12/18/2012 5:00pm

Thank you for sharing this information. Has helped us better understand the new concept. Good Luck to all in their Treasure Hunt endeavors.

02/21/2013 4:48am

i work in toy store. and having stock everyday. please let me know what model do you like to buy. I hope I can manage…thanks

Ray Olson
02/23/2013 8:40am

Ummmm. Anything really. Any Treasure Hunts. What are your asking prices?

05/18/2015 4:27pm

I would sell you one for $10.

03/02/2013 8:32am

Hi I have the shelby super snake but I took it out of the box, is it still worth anything?

03/03/2013 7:36am

The Shelby is a new Treasure Hunt so it isn't worth alot, but it is still worth $3-$5.

03/18/2013 3:09pm

thanks for telling me how to find a treasure hunt! im used to the green card. I guess they were just too noticeable, and decided to mix it up this year

03/19/2013 1:45pm

you s till interested in buyingthe treasure hunts? And/or other series?

06/28/2013 8:39am

Yeah just send me a list and prices at

03/19/2013 1:56pm

On a side note I don't have any that are newer than 2004. Treasure hunts are all early2000s and I have first editions going from late 90sresponse to 2003

keith huff
03/23/2013 7:47am

Hey I have 120 t.h.s from 1998-2013 if you interested let me know.I have all kinds of limited editions and sets also.I may have some cars you are looking for! Thanks Keith

04/09/2013 8:41pm

Looking buy supers at fair rates or trade super for super

06/28/2013 8:42am

Yeah just send me a list of your cars for sale and prices at

04/03/2013 2:22pm

I know its a long shot but do you have an idea on how many are made as treasures

04/04/2013 8:41pm

I believe it is 10 000 of each car each year

04/22/2013 8:37am

You are kidding yourself if you think that the current treasure hunts are limited to 10,000 of each car. 1995 hunts were limited to 10k, 96 hunts were 25k. They stopped printing the numbers made years ago.

05/01/2013 3:46pm

I have a 1999 ferrari treasure hunt in the box how much is it worth.

06/28/2013 8:49am

In the box is worth $15. Out of the box is $5. So don't open it.

05/01/2013 3:47pm

i have a 2007 tresure hunt ferrari enzo how much is it worth

06/28/2013 8:54am

Depends on which color interior and if it has a specraflame job. Check out South Texas Diecast:

12/08/2013 9:54am

sqrtnmmds cevvv

12/08/2013 7:27pm

I said this on my other blog, but I will say it again. Please OH Please!!! Don't post random stuff on my blogs. My blogs are for Hot Wheels, and the discussion of Hot Wheels. So Please comment REAL WORDS!!! I will leave this post up as an example of what not to post. But if other stuff pops up on this blog, I will just delete it.

05/05/2013 7:18am

I have a motor trend 50th ann. Racing champions mint 24k gold chevrolet racing truck still in package but on the truck it has the round ford emblem instead of chevrolet. It has 1 of 9999 in top corner in a gold circle. I know this is for hotwheels but cant find info on it. Is it valuable for having the wrong emblem?

08/10/2013 1:33pm

All I can tell you is that it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. It is a cool error, but it really isn't worth anymore. It would be a great piece to keep on display though!

05/09/2013 7:06am

I have a few Tresure Hunts for sale.
1995 Gold Passion
1996 (if I remember correctly) '59 Caddy
Plus a few from recent years, Old No. 5, Ford GT, GMC Motorhome.

Others also.

Let me know if you're interested.

08/10/2013 1:31pm

If you still have the Treasure Hunts, I am interested. Please email me the cars you have for sure, and your prices at

05/14/2013 2:36pm

how much i have one

05/21/2013 11:59am

I am selling my entire hotwheel collection. I have tons of treasure hunts, collectables , Penske, u name it i got what u want. Will sell one or all, please let me kno if any of u are interested. I'm not out to ripoff just wanna get rid of the collection.

william giordano
10/02/2013 7:39pm

im interested in some do you have pics and prices lety me know

11/25/2013 5:52pm

Do u have any T Hunts from 1995 & 1996?

richard erminger
05/27/2014 12:12am

Looking for ALL hot wheels!!! 254-229-8697

05/30/2013 2:10am

Hey porter how can I contact you

05/30/2013 3:08pm

I have about 125 hunts and a few super t hunts and about 200 vbugs beach bomb on bill

06/10/2013 11:50am

hey porter...can u send a list of cars u have to get rid of...any zamacs,vw's beetle or vw.vans...? Let me know..thankx

06/19/2013 6:55am

Can anyone help me? I have a 2010 camaro concept made in thailand. Its a solid neon or bright green and I cannot find anything online like it. I even checked the price guides and not even listed. Has anyone seen this one and know of value. Any help or info would be so helpfull

06/27/2013 6:25pm

My 7 eleven had a surf crate on the pegs. The TH is located on the top of the car.

07/14/2013 2:26pm

Fantastic Website!
I am a German Collector and have a question, is the 2008 dragster a Treasure Hunt or Not? The Flame Symbol is on the Car but no One List ist as a Treasure Hunt

07/25/2013 3:05am

Hello nice site, was wondering if there was ever any Batmobile TH? I only collect Batmobiles. If there is can you send me a message to Gcordova07@yahoo much oblige.

07/30/2013 5:10am

I have 4 ford Shelby concept #11/15 and a 52 chevy #8/15 and a tucker torpedo 1/15 first 5 are 2012 and the last is 2011. if your interested please email me at

Josh h
08/08/2013 2:44am

I have the whole 95 and 96 th set with tha from 97 98 and 99. Hit me up

08/10/2013 1:25pm

Yes I am interested. Please send me your prices, and what you have from 97, 98, and 99 on up, to

08/09/2013 9:36am

I have a limited edition scorchin' scooter, 1936 CORD, Limited Edition Ford GT-40, and Limited Edition '57 T-BIRD not sure how much or if there worth anything

08/10/2013 1:55pm

Oh they are definitly worth something, but in order for me to tell you how much they are worth, I need to know the years and weather or not if they are Treasure Hunts or not. So if you give me more info, I can give you some $ value. You can reach me at

08/10/2013 1:59pm

What I mean by years, is that I need to know what year they were made in.

08/09/2013 7:48pm

I got 26 hot wheels still in packages only 2 of them are the same I got 1 that's open 1 says hot wheels classic on the package and blast line ,ford mustang fast track,67 custom mustang,69 Pontiac firebird,67 Camaro,66,ford fairlane gt, ,johnny lightning, a85/100 fatbax 2004 first edition, blast lane, 70 Plymouth road runner, mad propz, 97/100 fatbax, star spangled, poison arrow, realistix 4/20, rebel rides 3/5, hummer 8/20, blast line 26/30, rebel rides 1/5 outsider, 8 crate 3/5, 1968 mustang el Segundo shaker, 2 '58 impala, 1970 Plymouth barracuda 11/12, dodge tomahawk, blast lane 137, rebel rides blast lane what they worth I want to sell them all

08/10/2013 1:58pm

Sounds like you got some cool cars! Any of them Treasure Hunts? I need to know what year each car was made in, so I know how much to tell you what they are worth and then make you an offer from there. You can reach me at

04/26/2014 5:32pm

How much for the cuda?

brandon summers
09/06/2013 4:29pm

My father and I Collected hotwheels when I was a boy, I have a huge collection of over 3000 hotwheels. many of them are treasure hunt series. I am taking pictures today and intending to sell ALL of them. Please contact me for further info! thanks!

09/26/2013 8:30am

Yes I am interested. I will probably not buy all of them, but I a mainly interested in your Treasure Hunts. Let me know what you would like to do with them.

william giordano
10/02/2013 7:42pm

can you sentd some pics and what your looking to get for some or all

william giordano sr
10/02/2013 7:42pm

can you sentd some pics and what your looking to get for some or all!!

09/08/2013 1:10pm

I'm hoping you can give me some idea what some of my hotwheels are worth. I have the 1995 year in review set that Hills sold. I also have four treasure hunts: 2003 - 1971 Plymouth GTX red with flames, 2008 - Qombee, 2003 - '68 Cougar and 2002 - Ford Thunderbolt. I might be interested in selling but just curious as to what they might be worth if anything.

09/26/2013 8:10am

Assuming that you have all the cars in the package, here is what they are worth. The 2003 1971 Plymouth is worth $7. Too bad you don't have the grey one because that is extremely rare and worth up to $175. Hot Wheels messed up. The car is actually a Barracuda even though it say GTX. The GTX is a lot bigger. The 2003 '68 Cougar is worth $9. The 2002 Ford Thunderbolt is worth $10. The regular 2008 Qombee is only worth $2. Now if you had the Super Trea$ure Hunt, it would still be only worth $8. It is one of the least populist. So all together your cars are worth $28. Let me know what you think. Nice collection!

william cantrell
09/24/2013 10:41pm

i have around 300 tresurehunts for sale

09/26/2013 8:38am

Ok cool! I am interested. Send me a list of what you have.

10/02/2013 7:43pm

do you have pics and prices just email em ty

09/30/2013 10:19am

i have a lot of 2012 tresure hunts and supers i anyone interestedm trying to sell

10/02/2013 7:45pm

email me with prices and pics

09/30/2013 10:21am

if anyone is interested email me at or post back

10/01/2013 5:15pm

i like you ride brow.....

william giordano
10/02/2013 7:47pm

anyone looking to sell hot wheels/and treasure hunts just send me oics and orices maybe we can work out a deal for trade or cash I can do both

william giordano
10/02/2013 7:47pm

anyone looking to sell hot wheels/and treasure hunts just send me oics and orices maybe we can work out a deal for trade or cash I can do both email me at

10/17/2013 1:26am

Thanks for all that matey was wondering i have a 2012 Gangster Grin t hunt how much do you rekon it would be worth now or in the future(its in the box) catch ya soon.

10/26/2013 7:22am

that '12 '67 mustang has a 390 not a 396.
396 is a chevy engine.
390 is a Ford engine

10/30/2013 9:42am

Ok thank you! I will change that sometime soon!

11/20/2013 8:23am

I see my mistake on the 2012 '67 Mustang Coupe Super Trea$ure Hunt. I will most likely change that tonight. Thank You!

11/26/2013 2:34pm

I have 2011treasure hunt complete set are u interested?

12/13/2014 4:34pm

how much

01/17/2014 3:33pm

I have a loose hot wheels treasure hunt from 2009 the hot wheels fire eater but it does not have rubber tires

01/23/2014 7:27am

is the 2000 factory sets for 1995 included in the 10,000 total produced, or are they in addition to the 10,000.?? 12,000 total.

thanks, eric

03/14/2014 1:48am

here's my collection
2. '69 CAMARO Z28 2007
5. HOT BIRD 2008
6. 64 BUICK RIVIERA 2008
7. 69 CAMARO 2008
10. 57 CHEVY 2009
11. 37 FORD 2009
12. 55 CHEVY 2009
13. CUSTOM 53 CHEVY 2009
16. 70 CAMARO 2012
19. DW-1 2012
20. 09 CORVETTE ZR1 2013
21. 71 EL CAMINO 2013
22. 72 FORD RANCHERO 2013
23. 64 BUICK RIVIERA 2013
24. TOYOTA 2000 GT 2013
25. 62 CORVETTE 2013
26. 10 CAMARO SS 2013 (NOT SUPER)

04/22/2014 11:48pm

Hi I got almost 100 hot wheels that are open and from 1995 to 2012 .most of them are like new never play with and only a few are badly mess up .most of them are treasure hunts and super treasure hurts and if interested send me a email with a number to text u pics and stuff.thanks

05/27/2014 12:49am

what do you have shoot me some pics and what you asking for them

04/26/2014 5:20pm

I have a 71 el Camino . Any idea of worth?

12/13/2014 4:32pm

no idea of worth but might buy

08/16/2014 6:04am

I bought a car today brand new in blister pak. It's a 2014 HW RACE OFF TRACK with TH logo but it's not in any list of TH. Can someone help me out with a price and maybe a bit more information

09/16/2014 7:59am

I have a t.h. car hauler with the 57 t bird on it,any idea on it,i got back in 2001,any info on it ?

09/17/2014 11:37am

How. Do feel about custom made cars ? And do you customize cars restore and do you trade

12/08/2014 9:54am

I have a black '59 Chevy Impala Hot Wheel in Ford packaging. No distinguishing information on packaging about either car.

12/13/2014 4:24pm

i have about 5of the super tresuare hunts!
and 2or 3 regular hunts

Matthew Delacruz
01/27/2015 5:57pm

First i would like to know if you prefer them in package or can they also be opened. I have 4 from 2000 n 1 from the 90's. I am interested in selling them. U can contact me at the gmail above. Or call me at (209) 230- 6473. Message #.

02/04/2015 1:05pm

I was wondering if you might be ablessing to help me with a few questions that I have. Does the 2001 Chevy pro stock truck No. 3/4 skin deep series Collector NO. 095 only come in silver or does it come in gold like in 2000

rusty alverson
03/05/2015 3:59pm

I have over 300 hot wheels treasure hunts for sale ,187 of them are in protecto paks and the rest are packed up in boxes ,also have extra hot wheels too go with them along with three price guide books , 205)965-2797 send a text if interested ,thanks

roy webber
04/14/2015 9:40am

I have a iridium treasure hunt in silver purple with purple tyres what's it worth please


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