Here is the all new 2014 Super Treasure Hunt A Case sneak peek. The Chevrolet SS! I like this car a lot and can't wait to find it, hopefully at K-Day. This is an awesome casting, and the color is just fantastic! Notice the green stripe? Maybe they are bringing that back for the Treasure Hunt line. Who knows?!

The B Case Super Treasure Hunt will be the Sand Blaster. One problem with this model though, the yellow cage in the back does not stay on very well. I have seen two (Including mine) Supers that the cage isn't attached, and the Christmas Holiday version that doesn't stay on either. If you have this model, please feel free to post if yours is attached or not. The TH is located on the back fender.

The C Case Super Treasure Hunt will the the Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro. This is one sweet looking ride. Again, I will post a picture of it in the package when it becomes available. The TH is located on the back fender.

The D Case Super Treasure Hunt will be the '07 Ford Mustang. This is an awesome release! The TH is located behind the front tires. This will probably be released around Christmas. What a great Christmas present this would be!

Here is the E Case Super Treasure Hunt. It is the Mustang Mach 1. The TH is located below the door handle in front of the rear tire. Will post more info soon!

The F Case Super Treasure Hunt will be the '55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser. I think this car looks great! It would look cooler if it didn't have so many tampos. But I think this model was designed to be a race car. Oh well. Still a pretty cool model. What a promotion! Being a new model last year with 3 colors and then jumping up to be a Super! I hope the same thing happens with the Kool Kombi! The TH is located on the rear fender.It is also T-Hunted!

10/21/2013 6:24am

Hi mate do you have a break down of the Th for 2014? I have the super Th but I'm after the standard TH and what case letters their in. Email me if you could with a link or something, love your blogs there awesome

10/30/2013 7:52am

Check out South Texas Diecast at www.southtexasdiecast.com/hwguide.html

10/29/2013 8:46pm


10/31/2013 5:50pm

11/10/2013 5:19pm

How do you recognize the treasure hunts?

11/20/2013 8:14am

If you look in the pictures, there is a TH somewhere on the car/truck. That is how you recognize Super Treasure Hunts. Plus they have a darker metallic color, and real riders also known as rubber tires. As far as the basics go, check out the blog below. You are looking for the circle flame logo.

11/20/2013 8:18am

I don't mind if you guys post on my blogs. But please keep it reasonable. The idea for the comments is for you guys to comment about the Hot Wheels, not to just post random stuff like letters or nothing at all. So please, if you are going to post, keep it to real words about Hot Wheels or asking a question about Hot Wheels. If random stuff that has nothing to do about Hot Wheels pops up from now on, I will just delete it and ask you to please stop. Thank You! Now, lets get back to Hot Wheels!

11/25/2013 2:18pm

Found 3 sandblasters in one dump bin. 2 cages were loose one was attached. Still a cool truck. Dig the gasser can't wait to find one

12/04/2013 6:13am

That is awesome! I think Mattel has a problem molding that cage to the truck. Still a great model for Super!

12/05/2013 2:38am

Sort of new to collecting hw's. I have a sandblaster but the cage is green like the rest of the truck. Is it classified as a treasure hunt car or not??

12/05/2013 7:10am

What you have there is a basic Sandblaster. It is not a Treasure Hunt. If your car looks like this http://www.southtexasdiecast.com/hwguide/images/2014/2014_135.jpg then it is just a basic car and not a Treasure Hunt. If it looks like this though http://www.southtexasdiecast.com/hwguide/images/2014/2014_135th.jpg then it is a Super Trea$ure Hunt.

12/05/2013 7:12am

Sorry about the confusion. Copy and paste the two links I gave you, and see which one you have.

02/10/2014 5:34pm

i found the ss in an 89 cent box

02/11/2014 4:21pm

hey i found some gassers and the mustang and the mach 1 car. if they are the same car but do not have the TH letters on the car are they treasure hunts?

03/29/2014 9:45am

No TH? No rubber tires? Then it is just a basic car.

03/29/2014 9:50am

No TH? No rubber tires? Then it is just a basic car. Not a treasure hunt.

jason frey
06/24/2014 8:36pm

do you no what the q case super will be. I heard it may be the kombi but idk


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